Natural Fragrance Business

Natural Fragrance Business
Make natural fragrances part of your daily life Sweet flower fragrances and fresh green aromas . . . a place covered with abundant nature has a pleasant scent to gently heal our minds. With this in mind, we developed original goods using natural materials and essences extracted from natural wood. Wrap yourself in fragrance and enjoy a relaxing time.

Phyton << life in the forest>> Series

Phyton is a series of bathing products straight from the forest The Phyton is a blended essential oil (phytoncide) of more than 30 kinds of trees from Japan and abroad. The amount of phytoncides emitted through evaporation whilst bathing is over ten times the amount of that in natural forests.

Work of phytoncides

Phytoncides are natural substances emitted by some kinds of trees. The main component of the Phyton << life in the forest >> series is a blend of phytoncides from more than 30 kinds of trees modeled on the air of the Yakushima old-growth forest in Japan.
Create your own gforest airh with Phyton , for a relaxing and refreshing feeling.
Antibacterial and Anti-insect Effect
Phytoncides coming from cedar, pine, cypress, oak, and eucalyptus trees suppress the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Cedar and cypress tree phytoncides also repel insects, hence the reason houses built with wood from these trees remain insect-free for over 100 years.
Deodorant Effect
Phytoncides also act as a neutralizer for bad odors, as evidenced by the old saying "In a deep forest you wonft smell even a dead animal.h
Other Effects
We Japanese have known the effect of phytoncides since early times, and still wisely use it in everyday life.

Sales of Aroma around the World << Tree of Life >> Series

Tree of life is a company specializing in herbal aromatherapy, proposing the concept of the "herbal life" for over 35 years. The great number of essential oils and organic herbs needed are carefully selected from alliance farms in over 50 countries from around the world. The company also has a herb garden, a salon and a culture school, and widely proposes a lifestyle incorporating herbs.