Garden Design and Construction

Garden Design and Construction
Have you noticed feeling more relaxed when in nature? That is the healing power of nature. We design spaces that are as natural as possible, without tampering too much. We design natural and tranquil gardens and parks that emits pink noise for a comfortable listening experience.

Mushroom Farming Business

Design, construction and management of mushroom cultivation and harvesting facilities
As well as being an excellent source of nutrition, where mushrooms are part of the food chain they also play the important role of "cleaner of the forest". In our mushroom production we pay careful attention to this fact. We take into account each local situation and offer suggestions based on the know-how and research of The Japan Mushroom Research Foundation Centre and The Tottori Mycological Institute.

Gardening with Wild Vegetables and Flowers

Would you like to grow wild vegetables and flowers in your home garden?
Effectively using public land, empty lots and gardens, we produce a comprehensive hands-on facility that not only allows you to watch and harvest wild vegetables and flowers, but also preserves the natural environment.

Living in the forest

Planning, designing and construction of business facilities and living environments utilizing pink noise We create spaces for enjoying a sense of oneness with nature, and produce comprehensive relaxing living environments. From design to construction, we utilize the natural composition of each region, such as air, landscape, terrain, river flow, existing trees and plants, etc. when creating each living environment. In addition, we provide information and ideas for fostering self-sufficiency and self-enjoyment through the stimulation of the five senses.