Preservation of the natural environment

Preservation of the natural environment
The natural environment of the earth has been deteriorating due to the development of humankind. Biodiversity in the natural world is also decreasing. The biggest responsibility of humankind is to protect the rich natural environment for the generations to come. We propose a variety of lifestyles with nature for the preservation of the environment.

Biotope business

Planning, designing, construction and management of biological communities using idle public land and gardens The word biotope comes from the German word ebiotopf meaning "a place where there is life". In recent years in Japan, efforts are being made to protect areas where various kinds of creatures can live and survive naturally. We paid attention to this business from the start, and have developed biotopes in private gardens and verandas and on empty public land. We have actively been engaged in the biotope business in order to restore some lost natural areas, and provide opportunities to educate children about the importance of biodiversity.

Hands-on nature education products (mini-biotope)

A&F develops and sells hands-on nature education products including home mini-biotopes.